Friday, September 21, 2012

New blog design! This deserves a new post...

Bonjour all!

It's late at night where I am now, but I couldn't wait another second to post because the Captain gave our blog a 
brand new look!!  I love it.  He likes steampunk design, so we're going to try it out here and see how everyone likes it.

Yaaawwwwnnnn....it's been a big, crazy day here at the Acres.  I've been bringing in most of the harvest from my garden before it gets too cold out, still working on my unicycle skills, and teaching my cat Erma how to play fetch.

Time for bed...goodnight all...see you again very soon!

Claraboo the Caribou 


  1. My mommy and i like it very much red is my favorite color and i like robots

    1. Hi Sophie! I'm so glad you like the look of the blog. Red is my favorite color too (and I think it's the Captain's because he always likes to wear a red coat). Say hi to your mom and dad for me, okay? :)