Friday, April 20, 2012


Oh, hello and a very happy Friday to you!

It's Claraboo again...I'm really having a lot of fun writing on the Captain's blog. Maybe we should rename it "Claraboo the Caribou's Blogaboo". :) The Captain's being oh-so-very generous with his blog and I'm excited he invited me here.

So today is Friday and you know what that means...FAIRYTALE FRIDAY! A good fairytale needs to have a giant in it (or at least the ones I like the best do!), but the giant always seems to be the bad guy. Well, not in the fairytale I'm about to share with you!

This fairytale is about The Little Girl Giant, a time-traveling girl who lived in the dreams of a Sultan. The Sultan believed she was real and became obsessed with finding her in the land of dreams. As he traveled far and wide on his Time Traveling Elephant, he followed the clues she left behind: she loved to sew, so she would sometimes sew cars onto the road, boats onto their docks and trains onto their tracks.

This video shows The Little Girl Giant as she wakes up one morning, takes a shower, and wanders the city. She makes friends with little children who visit her and even eats some candy before taking a nap at the end of her day.

If you were a giant, what would you sew?

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