Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A video from Claraboo!

A video from who?

We haven't met yet, but you'll be seeing me around this blog from time to time. My name is Claraboo the Caribou and I'm the Captain's blog liaison (which is a fancy word for "helper"!). That means I get to post videos of some of my favorite singers and shows to share with you! Never fear, the Captain will still be around. Don't forget, you can always visit us on our Facebook page too!

So here's my blog video debut...Raffi, a wonderful singer from Canada, singing a Japanese folk song about springtime (because I'm oh-so-very excited that it's finally spring!). If you'd like to sing along, I've posted the words below the video:

Haru ga Kita – Spring Has Come

Haru ga kita, haru ga kita
Doko ni kita?
Yama ni kita, sato ni kita
No ni mo kita

Hana ga saku, hana ga saku
Doko ni saku?
Yama ni saku, sato ni saku
No ni mo saku

Tori ga naku, tori ga naku
Doko de naku?
Yama ni naku, sato ni naku
No ni mo naku.

English translation:

Spring Has Come – Haru ga Kita

Now it is spring time, now it is spring time
Where has it come?
To the hillside, to our home and
Meadow it has come.

Flowers are blooming, flowers are blooming
Where are they in bloom?
On the hillside, to our home and
Meadow they’re in bloom.

Birds are singing, birds are singing
Where do they sing?
On the hillside, in our home and
Meadow, hear them sing.


And by the way...it's oh-so-nice to meet you! See you tomorrow!

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