Monday, April 30, 2012

Musical Mondays: OUR LOVE IS A RAINBOW

Welcome back from the weekend!

I just watched the videos that the Captain posted...I am super-jazzed to make my own magic crystal tree.  It looks pretty easy...if you make a tree, will you email me a photo?  Just send it to claraboothecaribou@gmail.com and I'll post your photo here!

My weekend was busy, but fun.  I visited family in Québec (that's in Canada) and celebrated my mom's fête (birthday).  Her favorite treat is ice cream (or crème glacée, as we call it), so we bought her a cake made of ice cream and put a lot of candles in it.  She loved it!

Speaking of love, my Monday music video features a Brownie troop from South Carolina singing a song called "Our Love is a Rainbow" that they recorded with the band Lunch Money.

They recorded the song to raise money to build a school in Tanzania (that's in East Africa). I think that's really neat!!

See you tomorrow, Kangaroonies!

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