Monday, April 23, 2012

Musical Mondays: DMK covers "Everything Counts" by Depeche Mode

Hellllloooo and welcome to a brand-new week! I hope your weekend was full of adventure, a fantastic book to read, a chocolate banana milkshake, a scientific discovery or two and a couple of good cat naps (that goes for the adults reading this too!).

I love the video the Captain posted yesterday...if you're learning about atoms in school, you should ask your teacher to show this video in class! And even if you're not in school anymore, it's still fun to learn new things. Brains need exercise too!

Speaking of learning new things, this video was made by a dad and his two kids, Milah and Korben (they live in Bogotá, Colombia), who learned new instruments and this song by Depeche Mode.

So I remember them playing a keyboard, a recorder, a xylophone, and a kazoo. Did you see any other instruments? They even made their own instruments out of a soda bottle and a cheese grater...I love it!


Oh, and a belated happy Earth Day to you! It's still early enough, so I'm going to spend some time in my garden and soak up the sun before it goes down. I'm planting some heirloom veggies (the tomatoes are best), flowers, and a few herbs.

Have an oh-so-beautiful day!

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