Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pocoyo Tuesdays: Juggling Balls

Kangaroonies, I have a question for you and I hope the answer is yes.

Would you mind very, very much if we did another Pocoyo Tuesday?  I loved it so much last week when the Captain posted that video that I want to do it again!

I found a Pocoyo video about juggling and I must admit I giggled a bit. The Cap is teaching me how to juggle because he juggles really well!  Have you seen him? 

(This photo is from a few months ago...I'd forgotten how short his hair was then!  He's been growing it out ever since...all of us at Kangaroo Acres told him we liked it better when he has longer hair.)  :)

Okay, I've talked long enough...here is Pocoyo!  And juggling!  And a performance!  Enjoy!!

Do you know how to juggle?  If you do, do you think you could help teach me too?  

Have an oh-so-perfectly beautiful day, Kangaroonies, and I'll see you tomorrow!!

Claraboooooooo :)

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