Thursday, May 3, 2012

They Might Be Thursday: Put it to the Test by TMBG

Bonjour Kangaroonies!

 I was riding my bicyclette around the Acres yesterday (it was such an oh-so beautiful day!  I hope you spent it outside too!) and I saw some ants trying to figure out how to get a berry back to their ant hill.  

I sat on the ground and watched them test different ideas: all of them tried carrying it, then one tried doing a wiggly dance behind the berry to get it to move, and finally some other ants joined them and they all managed to push/carry it back to the hill.

I love the idea of testing ideas and finding the solution.  Sometimes you'll find a different solution than someone else and that's okay!  

And you know what?  One of our favorite bands, They Might Be Giants, sings about that very thing!

Can you believe video games used to LOOK like that?  :)

Put an idea to the test today...let me know what happens!


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