Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scientific Sundays: Head Rush - Disappearing Glass

Salut, mes amis, and welcome to Sunday!

 So remember when we posted a video of the Mythbusters making a Rube Goldberg machine?  It's okay!  If you didn't see it, go ahead and click on the link and I'll be right here waiting for you.

I'll probably sing a song and water my plants, if you don't mind.

Oh! And ride my unicycle around the library (Shhh...don't tell the Captain!).

You're back!

Okay, so there's this fantastic woman, whose name is Kari Byron, and she's on Mythbusters.  She also hosts her own show called Head Rush and that's where this next video comes from.  Make sure you have an adult's help with this one!

Enjoy the sunshine, Kangaroonies!  See you tomorrow!


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