Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Silliness: Lead-a-Band Act at the Big Apple Circus

It's the weeeeeeeeekend!!

I love everything about Saturdays...sleeping in, watching Saturday morning cartoons, eating three bowls of cereal, and....

Saturdays tend to get a little circus-y around the Acres.

A lot of us have a circus or performance background and Saturday is always our day to put on a show for each other, whether it's the Captain walking on stilts and juggling (he can spin plates too!), the porcupines tumbling through the air, or me performing on my unicycle

The Cap'n has a lot of performer friends who will stop by the Acres every now and then to say hello.  His one friend Glen is a clown who traveled with the Big Apple Circus a few years ago and he performed a very funny act for us that he did with them.  Enjoy!!

Wasn't that great??  If you had the chance to lead the circus band, what song would you want them to play?  

I think I'd choose a Beatles song.  :)

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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