Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maurice Sendak Wednesday: Pierre (A Cautionary Tale)

Good morning, Kangaroonies!

Everyone here at Kangaroo Acres is really sad about 
Maurice Sendak passing away.  His books were some of my very favorites.  I'd like to spend a few more days with Mr. Sendak's wonderful books and drawings...I'm sure you won't mind at all, right?

First up is Pierre (A Cautionary Tale).  This is a story about a little boy who always says "I don't care!" and what happens to MAKE him care!  The song is pretty fun also...it's a cover of a song by Carole King, performed by a band called The Dresden Dolls.

Which book is your favorite?  Read it with a loved one today, won't you?  I know that would make Mr. Sendak smile...

Until tomorrow,

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