Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is that?? Wednesday: Table Ballet with Charlie Chaplin

Good morning friends!

 So I had the most oh-so-wonderful visit with my porcupine friend the other day.  Eppy stopped by to see my new place and have some tea with me.  We played croquet in the cour (er, backyard!), picked blueberries (or bleuets, as we call them in Quebec) with the elephants, watched old movies with the Captain, and taught the horse a new trick that involved three apples and a swing.

As you can see, we were very, very busy!

The Captain was having a movie marathon at his house...he loves old films (especially ones with circus clowns and comic actors) and one of his favorite actors is Charlie Chaplin.

I'd never seen any Charlie Chaplin movies before, so we watched "The Gold Rush", a movie that Chaplin made in 1925 (that's 87 years ago!).  I really want to share my favorite part of the movie with you...I think it will make you laugh as much as it did me!

Have you ever thought of making your dinner rolls dance the ballet before??  I love it!  If you do try this, promise me you'll ask your mom or dad first, okay?  (And if you're an adult who is thinking of doing this, please promise me you'll ask a child or your cat first, okay?)

Have a really outstanding and adventurous day today, Kangaroonies!  


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