Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Author Tuesday: Blueberry Girl by NEIL GAIMAN

Good morning Kangaroonies!

Oh, I know what you're all thinking..."author" doesn't start with a "T"!  Well, I really, really wanted to feature some of my favorite authors on here, but I couldn't figure out a good day to do that.  So Tuesday it is.  :)

Today's author is Mr. Neil Gaiman.  He writes kids books and adult books, such as Coraline, The Graveyard Book, Blueberry Girl, and many more!  He has fantastic unruly hair, has the best storytelling voice ever, and he likes to sing songs with his musician wife, Amanda Palmer.   Oh, and did I mention he's a beekeeper as well?

This video is for his picture book, Blueberry Girl, and Mr. Neil himself reads it! This is another one of those videos that I like to watch to make me smile...

Oh! I just had a great idea...from now, when I want to do a post on my favorite author, I'll call it 

"Tale Spinner Tuesdays"!  

I like it.  :)

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