Friday, May 18, 2012

French Friday: Little Pim Springtime!

Bonjour friends!

Today seems like a perfect day to give you a little bit of a French lesson.  :)  Why?  Because it's a beautiful language AND because today is my one month anniversary on this blog!  I'm going to celebrate by teaching you a little bit of the French language.  Yay!

As I've said before on this blog, I grew up in Quebec (in America, most people pronounce it as "Kwah-beck", but it can also be pronounced "Kay-beck").  My family speaks both English and French.  How about your family?  Do you speak two languages at home too?

Here's a short video to teach you some simple French words for food you eat.  Practice using these words today at home or at school/work!

Okay, and PLEASE tell me someone else giggled a little bit when you read "French Friday" and immediately thought of greasy, salty french fries.  I know you did.  Just reading it again made me a little hungry.

Happy day to all of you, Kangaroonies!


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